Neighborhood Projects


*Note - some projects are ongoing, some projects have POA funding, all projects are neighbor initiated and will benefit the entire subdivision.

Girl at Playground
Agave Neighborhood Park
5900 Sendero Hills Pkwy

Want to get your hands dirty? 

Come show our park some love!

Join the Friends of Agave Park group on NextDoor for updates and volunteer opportunities.

Bike Path
Bike Lanes
Approved and funded

Enjoy cycling?

Soon there will be a two-way bike lane on Sendero Hills Pkwy, check NextDoor for updates.

Once installed, volunteer hours will be applied to the cost of the project, check  Nextdoor for planned work days.

traffic circle.jpg
Traffic Calming
Partially installed and funded

Ready for a safer Sendero Hills Pkwy?

Speed management has begun!

The Rapid Build Traffic Circle is in, speed humps, a crosswalk at the park and  dynamic speed display devices will follow once the bike lanes are installed.