Frequently Asked Questions about Deed Restriction Violations:

What is a POA inspection?

A POA inspection thoroughly reviews the condition of the properties in the association, and is generally focused on three areas:

1. Preventative Maintenance – inspecting and recommending the repair or replacement of common components, such as fencing, rubbish and debris, landscaping, etc.

2. Common Area Maintenance and Landscaping.

3. CC&Rs – inspecting for non- compliance with association rules and regulations, such as home improvement or home aesthetic violations.

How often are our properties inspected?


Who is doing the inspections?

An employee of Pioneer POA Management team 

How do I report a deed restriction violation?

Fill out the Deed Restriction Violation form on the Pioneer Real Estate Services website:

I got a violation letter with picture and it's my neighbors' house.  What do I do?

Contact the managing agent for AgaveKimball Dempsey 

(515)447-4496 or